Entrepreneur in Residence (f/m/x)

Job description

Please only apply for this program with a valid working permit in Germany and a business idea you want to incorporate. For further information please check out our EiR programm: https://www.eir-program.nextbigthing.ag/

Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is a company builder focused on the machine economy. Backed by €13m of investment, we are building a series of fast growth ventures that will transform the way the world works for decades to come. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers, startup entrepreneurs and industry specialists support founders with deep expertise and clear vision to build their next big thing.

The Entrepreneur in Residence Programme

Our 3 month Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) Program is a chance for talented individuals to develop a specific business case with the support of our expert Venture Development team. At the end of the Program, we are offering to found and invest in your business and co-develop it with NBT.

The milestones of the Program are:

  • Develop a strong business plan - remove early red flags by conducting strong customer discovery and validation hypotheses.
  • Find the right co-founder - find your ideal co-founder who will add the most value to the business.
  • Find a design partner - engage with potential customers and find a design partner for a PoC or show early traction.

For every EiR, we offer:

  • No Financial Risk - 3 Months of Industry level Salary to develop a business case based on their expertise, incubated in our offices in central Berlin, with a small pre-founding budget to develop your case.
  • Support on Developing the Case - support from our 50 person Venture, Product and Market Development teams, led by a dedicated Venture Developer, who will help you make the best use of the time; as well as a small budget to test hypotheses.
  • Founding your Company after the Programme - up to €1m in funding and co-founding services covering Pre-Seed and Seed Funding Rounds to ensure that you can develop the case to its full potential.
  • Real Shares - A share in the Stammkapital (founding capital) of our venture - not virtualized shares, to ensure your voice is heard throughout the journey

The Opportunity

We are looking for startups and solutions in the following focus areas:

#1: Accelerating the Sensor Revolution

Sensors are transforming the way we do business. They provide accurate, real-time information for a complete view of an organization’s operating environment. Real-time analytics identify trends and deliver insights to drive improvements and reduce disruptions. As a result, businesses leverage sensor data to become more agile and informed.

#2: Developing Cross-Industry IoT Solutions

Businesses are relying on IoT devices to deliver data-driven insights as part of their strategy to elevate profitability, generate efficiencies, and gain a competitive edge. Although IoT has gained significant traction within the manufacturing sector, the uptake of smart devices has shifted beyond industrial implementations to include healthcare, agriculture, retail, and transportation.

#3: Leveraging AI, ML, and IoT for Sustainability

Businesses use advanced technologies to optimize systems and generate breakthrough discoveries to enable a circular economy that helps tackle the SDGs. IoT and AI enable organizations to meet the changing needs of a dynamic world to meet innovation demands, all whilst aiming for the highest returns with the lowest environmental impact.

#4: Next-Gen IoT for the Pharma Industry
General industry observations indicate that pharma supply chains are becoming more fragmented as the world becomes increasingly complex. As a solution, integrating IoT into the supply chain will enable greater transparency, improve production efficiency, data security, product quality, and ultimately boost profitability for pharmaceutical companies that invest in robust supply chain technologies.

#5: IoT for Smart Waste Management

IoT solutions continue to prove that big data can solve big problems. IoT-powered smart waste management solutions focus on improving the total efficiency of waste collection and recycling for businesses and cities alike. Smart waste management systems enable businesses to lower their environmental footprint, cut costs, and increase operational efficiency.

Job requirements

We are looking for experienced and driven Co-founders who will bring:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - the ability to make decisions under pressure, take measured risks and persist with challenges.
  • Industry knowledge - deep insights and experience in the industry.
  • Network - connections to key stakeholders and decision makers in the industry.
  • Technology awareness - an interest in digital transformation and its applications in industrial operations.
  • Leadership - building, growing, training, mentoring a future team.
  • Language - the ability to write and communicate in English. Germany is a big plus considering the market but it’s not mandatory.
  • Stakeholder Engagement - confident engaging with a variety of stakeholders across industry, finance, or individual users

We are seeking talents to explore the opportunity space with us within the scope of:

  • B2B businesses - NBT’s expertise lies dominantly in B2B sales.
  • Go-to-Market strategy of less than a year - We believe in building great products by iteration from facing the market responses.
  • IoT/ML/DLT technology - We focus on IoT, Machine learning, and Distributed ledger tech to create value for the Machine Economy.

What to expect working with us:

  • The opportunity to de-risk your startup journey from the beginning and profit from your investment on the way
  • Autonomy and the freedom to define and drive the strategic direction of the venture
  • A supportive, entrepreneurial environment, with a culture of supporting founders in the good and hard times
  • Hardware of your choice
  • New and well equipped office directly at S Tiergarten in Berlin
  • Free drinks & fruits

We value diversity and therefore expressly welcome all applications - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation and identity.

We look forward to receiving your application.